4-Day EXPRESS Decorating™ Basic Staging Certification

This certification curriculum provides each student with the knowledge and training to become an exceptional home stager and interior decorator.

You will also walk away with all the tools needed to own and operate a successful home staging and interior decorating business.

2020 Dates

Atlanta – June 4, 5, 11, 12
Atlanta – August 17-20



2-Day Color Consultant Certification

The tools in this course will refresh basic color knowledge, and add to it the study of color schemes, paint know-how, and even how to select the color for unusual architectural and structural features.

As a Certified Color Professional, you will not only know how to use color, but you’ll also understand all the reasons why the colors you choose work together.

2020 Dates


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The Home Staging, Interior Decorating, and Color Consultation Classes are held in the Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL areas.

Atlanta, GA

Orlando, FL